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West Jefferson Specialty Foods Gourmet to Go - Take and Bake Menu

Ladyfingers’ Signature Country Ham Rolls:​Ladyfingers’ signature item. Straight from Johnston County, NC, our country ham is cured to perfection before we trim, slice, and hand-shave it. Drizzled with a secret brown sugar butter glaze, and stuffed into a soft and delicious yeast roll, Ladyfingers’ Ham Rolls are the perfect marriage of sweet and savory that will leave you wanting more every time.   12/pack for $15

Beef & Italian Sausage Lasagna:​ ​Sky-high layers of Semolina pasta, house-made Bolognese sauce, and a decadent mixture of rich ricotta, fresh mozzarella and wood-aged Parmesan cheeses; covered completely with freshly grated mozzarella, parmesan, and aromatic flakes of parsley. $19sm/$32lg

Loaded Vegetable Lasagna (Vegetarian): ​A mouth-watering medley of sautéed baby spinach, Spanish onions, button mushrooms and whole-roasted tomatoes. Tossed in our house-made marinara, layered between sheets of Semolina pasta, and a savory blend of fresh ricotta, mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses. $19sm/$32lg

Tuscan Stuffed Chicken:​ ​Prestige Farms’ ​chicken breast, marinated in our house-made Italian dressing, then stuffed full of sautéed spinach, tender artichoke hearts, slow-roasted tomatoes, and cream cheese; baked to perfection and generously covered with our rich, roasted tomato cream sauce; served over a bed of saffron rice.  $19sm/$35lg

Chicken Enchiladas:​ ​Soft flour tortillas loaded with a combination of roasted, pulled chicken breast, fresh jalapeños, pimientos, cilantro, cream cheese and a unique blend of Southwestern spices. Smothered in our Signature Ladyfingers’ Enchilada Sauce and covered with aged cheddar cheese.  $18sm/$28lg

Chicken Pot Pie:​ ​Hand-rolled and made from scratch, our buttery, flaky pie crust is literally bulging at the seams with sweet carrots, onions, celery, peas, hand-pulled whole​ ​chickens, and our velvety chicken gravy; sealed with a second blanket of our airy crust, this is comfort food defined. $19sm/$32lg

Shrimp, Sausage & Chicken Creole:​ ​Whole-roasted, pulled ​Prestige Farms’ c​ hicken breast, sautéed kielbasa sausage, and shrimp, all paired with the Bayou’s “holy trinity” of sweet peppers, onions, and celery; just the right amount of kick with our special blend of Cajun spices and tomato broth, then tied together in an all-day simmer, low and slow. $10sm/$18lg

Mediterranean Skillet Chicken (Gluten-Free): ​All-natural ​Prestige Farms’ ​chicken breasts, marinated in our house-made Greek vinaigrette, pan seared, smothered with roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, and red onions. This Ladyfingers original is served over a bed of brown rice and finished with a savory white wine sauce, crumbly feta, Kalamata olives, and fresh julienned basil. $19sm/$35lg

Three-Cheese Mac-N-Cheese: ​Perfectly cooked elbow macaroni, tossed with our three-cheese Béchamel sauce and mixed with just the right blend of fresh spices. Topped with aged cheddar and lightly dusted with panko, a Mac-N-Cheese that will renew your love for this old staple. $11sm/$19lg

Tomato Bisque Soup:This savory bisque is the finest you will find. Rich San Marzano tomatoes puréed and combined with hickory smoked bacon, cream, fresh basil, and savory spices. Pairs perfectly with a grilled cheese sandwich any time of the year. $8sm/$18lg

Black Bean & Spinach Enchiladas (Gluten-Free and Vegetarian): ​S​oft corn tortillas stuffed with a mixture of healthy spinach, black beans, cream cheese, and seasoned with our subtle Mexican spices. Smothered in our Signature Ladyfingers’ Enchilada Sauce and aged cheddar. A great entree for those in need of a meatless alternative. $18sm/$28lg

Chicken & Rice Casserole: ​Our take on an old classic. ​Prestige Farms’​ chicken, steamed white rice, slivered almonds, celery and onion, mixed in with both our homemade chicken stock and cream of chicken soup. Crowned with a thin layer of fresh panko and aged cheddar, this comfort food staple appeals to all ages.  $18sm/$285lg

Sausage Breakfast Casserole: ​The perfect addition to a memorable breakfast or brunch. Savory ground Sausage layered over artisan bread then generously smothered in our delicious egg and cream sauce.... Then topped off with a layer of sharp cheddar cheese.  $25

Ladyfingers’ Quiche: ​Quiches are all “small batch” made assuring you the perfect blend of cream, cheese, and eggs. Full of flavor, your three delectable choices are ​Bacon and Spinach & Feta !!  $24

Ladyfingers’ Family of Soups: ​All made from scratch and filled with the finest and freshest ingredients. Our ​Tomato Bisque​ has already proved to be a favorite of many adding to the line-up are these other delicious soups: ​Chicken and Rice, Garden Vegetable, Asparagus and Butternut Squash.​ These will offer warmth and comfort in every cup or bowl. $8sm/$13lg

Hot Tuscan Dip:​ A blend of the finest Italian ingredients, it’s a must at every party. Spinach, roasted tomatoes, and artichoke hearts tossed with parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese, and cream make the perfect marriage for your cracker or baguette! $16

Tomato and Cheddar Pie: ​Roasted vine ripened tomatoes, fresh basil and scallions, covered with sharp cheddar cheese and mozzarella! $24

Spinach and Ricotta Pie: ​Fresh baby spinach, homemade ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses mixed in an egg custard and baked to perfection. $24

Beef Stroganoff: ​Sliced tender bistro steak and wild mushrooms in a light cream sauce served over egg noodles.


Poppy Seed Chicken: ​Shredded chicken breasts layered with a white crème of chicken sauce served over fluffy Basmati Rice and topped with roasted poppy seeds and buttery crackers.


Shrimp with Champagne Leek Sauce over Pasta: ​Sauteed shrimp served over shell pasta and dressed with leeks, bell peppers, onions and mixed in a parmesan champagne sauce.


Cinnamon Pecan Rolls: ​Fresh yeast rolls layered with a sticky brown sugar butter, pecan mixture and topped with a smooth decadent cream cheese frosting.


Cheddar Pecan Wafers: ​A lightly spicy, crispy, and sharp cheddar wafer with a hint of cayenne finished with a toasted pecan half. $18

We will communicate with you after you complete your reservation to create your custom food order that will be ready and waiting for you!

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